DARE Day 27
Feb 2013 16

DARE Day 27

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What you put into your mind eventually comes out in your life.

I’m sure people can cite study after study of what effect media or video games have, but to be honest I can’t think of a more personal topic than this one. Everyday we experience some sort of entertainment through media and those choices establish a feeling of entitlement – I deserve to be able to watch/read/look at/listen to whatever I want to.

Today let’s get past the habits that we’ve established and REALLY¬†get honest about what road those choices are going to lead us down. In fact let’s forget the labels and ratings and just get honest about this question: “Is this good for me?” When we begin to answer that truthfully then Jesus can help us make choices that would honor Him!

God, today I put you in control of what I set before myself – it has to pass your standards 1st.