DARE Day 26
Feb 2013 15

DARE Day 26

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A sign is only helpful if you take the time to look at it.

Dating (and eventually marriage) have an amazing purpose attached to them, but only if you do things according to the signs God has given us. The first sign He sends us reminds us of His love and invites us into relationship with Him. Down the road He will send us another sign indicating the direction of our life Рour purpose.

In the midst of this process (called maturing) He’s preparing the path of someone else and making a convergence (look this one up and use it today if you’re brave enough) of your paths down the road. Meaning God’s process revolves around us DOING life and not being stuck in neutral until the perfect spouse comes along. What mission is He giving you in this season of life?

Help me to trust that you see beyond the next turn in life, Jesus.