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DARE Day 30
Feb 2013 19

DARE Day 30

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Prioritize your appointment with Jesus.

As I read the story of how He waits for us at a table set for two, I remembered all the things that I so quickly fill up my schedule with. All the stuff that seems so important and urgent at the time, but yet really seems so petty when I think about an appointment with the maker of the universe.

I don’t think Jesus is looking to give us another guilt trip, but I do think He knows our need for time with Him. In fact He created us to live dependent on Him! Just as it says in Acts 17:28 For in him we live and move and exist.

Stopping to give you time might seem hard, Jesus, but remind me today of my desperate need for you.

If you made it to Day 30 – CONGRATULATIONS! Be sure to stop in at FSM tomorrow night and mention the code: “thirty-up thirty-down” for an AWESOME surprise!